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The Case for the Arts & Culture Sector

Conversations with existing arts philanthropists have made clear that their motivations for giving are often due to the transformational impact of arts engagement for beneficiaries.

We have carried out research showcasing the extensive impact of the sector, where the lives of participants have been transformed by an engagement with an arts activity. These range from tangible health benefits to reports from participants about the significant effect that their arts engagement has had on their sense of positive wellbeing or mental health.

In total, 40 arts & culture organisations were selected, ranging from performing arts to literature, visual arts and museums –  representing a small sample of more than 150 organisations reviewed whose work demonstrates the power of the arts.

We hope that these case studies will be a starting point for new philanthropists not currently involved in the arts, but who are enthused by the impact the arts can make across the country and would like to find out more about the breadth of work taking place. We also hope that they will provide a useful template for organisations looking to develop their own case for support, and setting out the impact of their work.

Case Studies showing the transformative impact of the arts