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Philanthropy Research

There are many organisations conducting research into philanthropic giving, as well as organisations with useful resources in this area. NPAC has commissioned its own research, as well as rounding up some of the most useful research by other organisations.

A group of people wearing black t-shirts with a picture of red wings on. They are close together as if hugging in a circle.

Fallen Angels Dance Theatre

Research Documents

NPAC has undertaken several pieces of research into philanthropy in the arts and culture sector, many of which are included on this website. Our aim has been to demystify the process of philanthropic giving, to understand why donors give, to understand the barriers which prevent supporters becoming donors, and to unpick what arts and culture organisations could do to build relationships with new philanthropists.

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A group of children reading in a library. The girl in the foreground has dark hair and a pink jumper and is reading a book called Dealing with Bullying.

Reading Well, The Reading Agency

Ongoing Research

NPAC continues to undertake and publish research into philanthropic giving in the arts and culture sector, and will add to this website as research documents are able to become public. We will continue to publish links to interesting research from across the sector as we become aware of it.

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We’ve tried to round up a list of some of the most helpful sector organisations, as well as the organisations with whom we worked on the case studies listed in In Support of the Arts. If you can’t find the information you need here, please don’t hesitate to Contact us.

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