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Advocacy & Mentoring

One of NPAC’s long-standing goals is to provide ad hoc advocacy and support from NPAC members for smaller regional arts organisations. This will hopefully include support in areas such as approaching and nurturing donors; supporting artistic leadership in ‘making the ask’; or engaging new philanthropists.

An older couple are facing each other and linking hands. Both are smiling. The woman is wearing a white shirt and the man a checked shirt.

English National Ballet © Rachel Cherry

This idea grew from a suggestion by NPAC founder member Sir Peter Bazelgette that those organisations wishing to build their philanthropic engagement might benefit from advocacy and mentorship from established arts philanthropists and senior arts professionals. This ad hoc advocacy might include:

  • hosting events
  • providing board development or training
  • supporting board members and fundraisers in ‘making the ask’ for donations
A choir made up of a range of people of different ages and ethnicities. They are wearing t-shirts with The Choir with No Name on. A man is standing in front of them with his back to the camera wearing a black t-shirt with All Together Now on the back.

The Choir with No Name

Separately, it is hoped that it may be possible to build longer-term relationships with NPAC members acting as mentors for selected arts organisations. A longer-term mentoring relationship might take the form of:

  • support to senior staff
  • contributions to organisation and fundraising strategies
  • support for chairs and board members
  • additional support with ‘making the ask’
  • how to approach networks
  • supporting staff to engage board members in fundraising

This part of NPAC’s mission is work in progress but do contact us if you would like to find out more.