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Creating a culture of individual support

Many arts organisations are doing sterling work in the area of attracting new philanthropy, but it remains the case that for smaller organisations, without fundraising expertise in this area, generating support from individuals (philanthropists) can seem challenging. The resources in this section aim to demystify the process, and provide tools for arts organisations seeking to increase their philanthropic giving.

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The Case for Support

Why should philanthropists support cultural causes? What makes the arts deserving of their donations?

The answer is practical and straightforward – the arts, culture and creativity change lives. They promote wellbeing, ease loneliness, enable individuals and communities to tell their stories, among many other benefits.

Sir Nicholas Serota

Chair, Arts Council England, March 2020

Understanding Philanthropy

The first priority of NPAC was to improve our understanding of the reasons why philanthropists support the arts and culture sector. This took the form of qualitative research into the philanthropic motivation of members of NPAC and their individual experiences and ‘philanthropy journeys’. Our research in three key areas is summarised below with further information and infographics on the following page.

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What motivates donors?

How do arts philanthropists come to be involved with the arts and culture sector? What are their drivers and motivations?


Turning Patrons into Donors

What does a ‘typical’ journey from arts supporter to arts philanthropist look like?


Route to increased Donor engagement

How can relationships grow from simple transaction to philanthropic engagement?

Resources for Arts Organisations

Advocacy & Mentoring

One of NPAC’s long-standing goals is to provide ad hoc advocacy and support for smaller regional arts organisations in particular in areas such as:

  • approaching and nurturing donors
  • supporting artistic leadership in ‘making the ask’
  • reaching and engaging with new philanthropists
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