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Arts for Impact was a new partnership between Big Give and NPAC on a new match funding campaign for arts & culture charities that have a societal impact in the UK. The inaugural campaign ran 19-26 March 2024, with over 200 charities taking part. Here are some key achievements:

  • £2.8million raised
  • 238 charities supported
  • £1.3million match funding was available through the campaign, from 36 funders & philanthropists
  • 12,386 donations were made by members of the public during the campaign week, with an average donation of £112
  • 109k visitors to the Big Give site during the week
  • Approximately 30% of donations came from ‘new’ supporters
  • 66% of charities supported through Arts for Impact had an annual income of less than £1m
  • 76% of funding went to fund activities outside London

“Participating in this campaign has not only provided a platform to showcase our mission and programs but has also  allowed us to connect with a wider community. Your support and matching donations have helped us reach our fundraising goals.”

In feedback to Big Give from the charities who took part in Arts for Impact 2024:

  • 65% received more donations than normal
  • 67% received larger donations
  • 92% reported having little experience of digital fundraising
  • 91% said that their confidence in digital fundraising had increased thanks to Arts for Impact
  • 94% reported donations from new supporters

“It is the breadth and depth of generosity that is humbling – we saw over 220 individual donations. I’m working through the detail, but a substantial proportion of the funds raised came from new donors.”